Martin Aerospace is a leading manufacture & distributor to the aerospace industry Providing quality products and competitive prices for over 19 years.
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Originally founded as Martin Aerospace Corporation, Martin Aerospace is a small business manufacturing facility manufacturing precision hydraulic tube fittings for over twenty-four years. We manufacture hydraulic fittings in accordance with a variety of qualified procurement specifications. These include but are not limited to the MiI-F-5509; The Society of Automotive Engineers' Surface Vehicle Standard, SAE-J514; The Aerospace Industries Association National Aerospace Standards; The NASA Engineering Standards per KSC-F-124; and Mil-F-18866. Our quality control system is certified to MiI-I-45208A. We perform our inspection procedures in accordance with ANS/ASQC Z1.4-1993.

Our facility is an approved supplier to the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Supply Construction Center (DSCC) in Columbus, Ohio. DSCC has approved our participation in the Alternate Release Procedure program Approval for ARP means that our competitive pricing, excellent quality, and timely delivery enable us to provide our products to the DoD while bypassing source inspection at our facility.

In addition Martin Aerospace is an approved supplier of stainless steel tube fittings to the following ficilities Lockheed-Martin (CCAFS, Vandenburg AFB, Johnson Space Center Edwards AFB, Dallas-Ft.Wodh; Houston; San Diego) The Boeing Company (Defense & Space Facility Wichita; CCAFS; Stennis Space Center; VAFB Honeywell (Hardware Product Group; Engines & Systems; Torrance) Mississippi Space Services (John C Stennis Space Center, Mississippi) TRW,NASA (DFRC; JPL; SSC; JSC).

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